Club Policies

AFSC Operational Policies

CanSkate Policies

  1. All CanSkate skaters enrolled in Stage 1 through Stage 5 must wear a certified Canadian Standards Association (CSA) approved hockey helmet and a face mask at all times while on the ice. Once skaters pass CanSkate Stage 5 they can remove their helmets if necessary.

  2. All skaters must be outfitted with proper fitted skates that have full ankle support. Full snowsuits and shin pads are not recommended as skaters have a hard time getting the knee and ankle bend required for most skills. It is recommended to dress warmly on ice.

  3. It is required that parents/guardians of skaters under the age of 12 remain at the arena in the event of situations in which their skater must exit the ice surface. (ie. Bathroom breaks, illness, or injury)

  4. Payment for the program must accompany the registration. Accounts that continue to be delinquent will result in the participant’s enrollment being suspended until such time that the account is rectified and all outstanding fees are paid. All registrants must be members in good standing with Skate Canada and payment in full is required on Uplifter

  5. Skaters who wish to withdraw from the skating program up to and including the 3rd week of their program will be refunded the registration fee less the $44 Skate Canada fee and an administration fee of 20% of the cost of the program. NO refund will be issued after the 3rd week unless accompanied by a Doctor’s certificate or unforeseen circumstances.

  6. Horseplay, lack of discipline, lack of courtesy and respect for the coaches, program assistants and other skaters will not be tolerated and will result in the skater’s loss of ice privileges.This includes straying from skaters assigned group, kicking or removing pylons and signage on circuits, no shaving the markers on circuits, teaching aids and instructors

  7. Parents are not allowed on ice surface at any time. Exceptions apply for the PreCanskate Parent & Tot Program because the parents have already been registered with Skate Canada for insurance purposes (Skate canada fee for parents required)

  8. Parents must ensure they regularly check the AFSC Facebook page and General emails regarding important updates as this is how our club communicates with parents

  9. All parents and spectators must watch their skaters from the designated viewing areas, behind the glass or on the bleachers, and not from the hockey players’ bench.

  10. All skaters must enter and exit the ice by using the doors at the end of the rink and should only enter the rink once coaches/program assistants allow them on the ice.

2. Photo release form

I hereby grant permission to the Arnprior Figure Skating Club to publish photographs in local newspapers and/or on the Arnprior Figure Skating website, Facebook, bulletin board or other AFSC materials.


3. PreCanskate on Ice Aid

I acknowledge that in order for my child to participate in this program, one parent or guardian such as a neighbour, community friend, cousin, is required to be on the ice to assist with any learning.  This person must be a confident skater and is recommended to wear a CSA approved helmet. According to Skate Canada guidelines, this must be the same parent/guardian at every session since the member has paid the Skate Canada insurance fee.  Once you have registered, you will receive an email from an AFSC executive member requesting more information about the On-Ice Aid.

Note that if a parent is unable to make it to a Precanskate session, there are additional support through Program Assistants.


4. StarSkate Program Registration Requirements

All STARSkate skaters are recommended to volunteer and assist with running our PreCan and CanSkate groups on Monday &Wednesdays.  All STARSkate skaters will be required to attend a Program Assistant training day prior to the program start.