The Arnprior Figure Skating Club is a not-for-profit organization and we rely heavily on fundraising throughout the season to keep the club going. The Executive is committed to keeping registration fees affordable, and therefore, we
must hold various fundraising events. The registration fee that each skater pays only covers a small percentage of our ice rental fees, coaching and other running costs. One hour of ice rental costs the club $146.90. Last year our
ice rental fees for the season cost over $30,000.

Each family is required to provide a post-dated fundraising cheque for March 1st ($45 forPrecan/CanSkate/Advanced Canskate and $75 for Intermediate/STARSkate). This cheque will be returned at the end of the season if your family raises
that full amount or more with our fundraising events throughout the season. For any event that you participate in, a certain amount counts towards your fundraising amount. For example, for every wreath that you sell, $10 counts towards
your fundraising. If you fundraise the $45/$75, your cheque will be returned at the end of the season. If you choose not to fundraise, the fundraising cheque will be cashed.

Each year we must fundraise approximately $10,000. As the season only runs for 6 months, some of our fundraisers run consecutively (i.e Christmas Wreaths and Little Caesars Pizza). We have found in the past that running a variety of
different events means that our target audience is larger. What appeals to you might not appeal to someone else! This variety gives you the opportunity to sell to different people.

Below is a list of typical fundraisers we run throughout the season:

October Christmas Wreaths

November Little Cesar’s Pizza

December Booze Basket Raffle

January Bottle Drive

February Little Caesar’s Pizza

March Vesey’s Bulbs

More information about each fundraiser will be emailed to parents throughout the season.

Thank you in advance for supporting our club and our fundraisers.

AFSC Executive