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Skating Programs

The Arnprior Figure Skating Club (AFSC) offers a diverse range of skating programs suitable for all ages and skill levels. From learn-to-skate classes for young beginners to advanced training in ice dance, freeskate, and synchronized skating, the club is dedicated to fostering a love for figure skating in a fun and inclusive environment. Certified by Skate Canada, AFSC's experienced coaches are committed to promoting physical activity and helping each skater achieve their personal best.

*Note not all programs are offered each season


The PreCanSkate program is a beginner's skating course for young children, teaching fundamental skills like balance and coordination through fun activities. It's a foundation for further skating development, often leading to more advanced programs like CanSkate.


The CanSkate program is a comprehensive learn-to-skate program suitable for individuals of all ages and skill levels. It focuses on teaching fundamental skating skills in a progressive and fun manner. CanSkate aims to develop agility, balance, and coordination, laying a solid foundation for various skating disciplines such as figure skating or hockey.


The StarSkate program is an advanced figure skating curriculum for skaters who have mastered the basics. It focuses on developing skills like jumps, spins, and artistic expression, often leading to competition participation and skill level advancement tests.

Adult Skate

The adult skate program is tailored for adults of any skill level who want to learn or enhance their skating abilities in a supportive environment, emphasizing skill development and enjoyment rather than competition.

Power Skate

Power skating is a specialized skating program focused on enhancing a skater's speed, agility, and power on the ice. It typically involves drills and exercises aimed at improving stride length, technique, and overall skating efficiency. Power skating is popular among hockey players and figure skaters who want to maximize their performance on the ice.

How to Register


Choose the Skating Program

At our skating club, we offer a variety of programs to cater to every skater's needs. From beginner to competitive, our expert coaches will guide you every step of the way. Our personalized approach ensures that each skater receives individual attention and can progress at their own pace.


Registration through Uplifter

Registration for Skating Programs are offered through a Skate Canada organization, Uplifter, and you must make an account and enter payment details through Uplifter.

Please click the link below to access Registration


Stay Up to Date with AFSC

Stay in the loop with your skating club by joining their mailing list or following them on social media for updates on events, classes, and schedule changes. Don't forget to check their website regularly for the latest news and announcements. Engage with fellow members and club administrators to stay connected and informed about all things skating-related.

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